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February 1, 2016
4K or UHD, the name doesn’t matter!

Last month at CES in Las Vegas the new Blu-Ray format was announced. It’s call Ultra HD Blu-Ray and it’s coming in March along with Ultra HD discs. I’m continually dumbfounded by these manufacturers that make things so difficult with the silly naming. To keep it simple, in our living rooms 4K and UHD are […]
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“I never expected this level of integration!”
- Barry W., Chicago

We help our clients attain a higher quality of life with the design and installation of superior home electronics integration and automation systems.

Our fortes include our intuitive interface with a one-touch control panel, and an eye for aesthetic excellence as we seamlessly incorporate technological luxuries into any environment. Years of experience have taught us how to make any home’s decor and functionality actively enhance one another.

With service areas throughout Chicago and New York City, we primarily work with individual homeowners looking to integrate the latest lifestyle enhancements and developers investing in high-end construction projects. Architects and interior designers who want to elevate the value of their own finished product are also included in our client roster.