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More just in from Savant

August 10th, 2017

My last email talked about the new Savant remote that many of you are using today. This month I’ll fill you in on all new things since then. We have Savant branded shades, two new on wall touch screens, garage and door lock control, Alexa, the sleep timer you all missed is back and the acquisition of Artison speakers. Whew!

Savant Shading will be shipping by the end of this month. With over 400 fabric choices (25 with quick turn lead times!). They are fully controlled with your Savant app and they are more affordable than some of my other lines. I’m excited to add these to our shading options .

Next up is the new Wally, on wall touch screen. Available in 5.5″ and 8.5″ versions in black and white. You can set Wally’s wakeup screen to the room or service of your choice and it has an adjustable wake up sensor that turns on when you’re close!

Garage and door locks are new too. Imagine pulling up a screen on your phone from where ever you are and being able to see if you closed the garage and then, being able to close it! We can also control your front door so you can let the kids in that forgot their keys.

Here’s a simple one you all miss that came back! The sleep timer feature was missed and Savant heard their clients.

Finally! Alexa integration is available with Savant. Activate scenes, rooms, and lights by simply giving Alexa the command.

Contact us now for info on how to activate this, most of you have the software already so it’s a simple setup!

Phil Giordano, The Big Picture Media Systems