The Big Picture is an electronics integration company specializing in the design and installation of home theater, whole house audio/video systems and home automation. Our systems are designed and installed to allow your decor and electronics to peacefully co-exist and actually enhance one another.

Since the mid 90’s, The Big Picture has been run by our president and founder, Phil Giordano. He personally meets with every client, generates every estimate, and oversees every project. The rest of our team is made up of only the highest caliber professionals who work together like clockwork and have for years.

“Your honesty and integrity
is unusual in this day and
age. I couldn’t be more
pleased, and I have no
hesitation-in fact I am
eager-to recommend you
to anyone and everyone.”

– Virginia B., Chicago

Our longevity in the business translates into quality craftsmanship. We know how to hang a plasma TV or flush-mount speakers without ruining your paint job. You’ll marvel at how much control we can give you without leaving a trace. By the time installation is complete, the trust and comfort our team has established frequently turns into referral business with our clients’ friends and family.

No matter how you heard about us, we’ll give you the same professionalism, proven processes, components and support that our last client enjoyed. When you entrust your home to us, you can take comfort in knowing we care.